“I absolutely love the warmth and comfort of this jacket. It was my ‘go to’ in winter – and felt fabulously stylish wearing it. Got soooo many compliments. Well worth the investment!”

Bronwyn , Long reversible Olive and grey

“The jacket is warm and the perfect length. I love the fact that it is reversible. I used it in the pouring rain and it protected me so well. Very proudly South Africa and Cape Town jacket with amazing colours to choose from.”


“This jacket can only be described as the ultimate redemption of the puffer. Not a fan of puffer jackets myself, this version Is light and thin, yet very warm but the best part about it is the design. I chose the longer length. The vertical seams, the perfect length and the flattering shape make it the perfect piece to pack for outings and travels alike. And I love the fact that it is a local manufacturer.”


“Love love love!! This is a perfect everyday jacket. I am quite short but the lightweight fabric (somehow still incredibly warm) and beautiful tailoring make it very flattering. The service was fantastic too – Sandra assisted me with with sizing, color and style telephonically and my order arrived within a few days. I highly recommend this brand.”


“John loves the jacket. He has been telling everyone about Afromontane. The quality is fantastic, and we love that we bought a South African product which is making a difference to South African lives. We cannot wait till you can source the sheep wool locally too! ”


I absolutely love my jacket! It’s so light and comfortable but still keeps me super warm and dry in all weather. It goes with me everywhere and I never want to be without it. I love the longer length as I generally am someone who feels the cold so it is perfect for me.


“You adjusted the waistcoat’s collar to be a low collar, and it wears perfect – no collar or zip being a nuisance underneath the chin. The fit of the waistcoat is perfect, as if specially fitted for me – flattering shaped, long enough, sleeve opening just the right size for wearing something tight fit or less tight fit underneath. It also fits perfect underneath a coat. Keeping it clean is more easy than I thought it would be – I rub oily stains a little bit with Sunlight soap, wash in machine on cold cycle, delicate ware and dry on the line and it still looks as new as the fist day.

I’m a happy customer and would love to invest in a jacket next season.

I had to follow up on my order and wait a bit, but it was worth the wait.”


“I have 3 of your jackets, and they are still the best jackets that I’ve ever bought. They work well in the South African climate. THey are waterproof. I wear them often when I’m out walking my dogs in the spring rains on the East Coast of SA. My olive jacket with a hood, the first jacket I bought is still my favourite. I’ve worn it almost every day for 6 months of the year for about 3 years now and it is still going strong. Oh, the ordering and customer experience is also great. I’ve never had a problem. I’ve asked for custom changes to 2 of the 3 jackets I have like adding a hood to the jacket, and my changes have been accommodated without a problem. I’d definitely recommend these jackets and I can’t wait to order my next one.”


“I love my long Olive coloured Afromontane jacket as it is light in weight and kept me so warm in Winter. I walk a lot, in the rain or wind and the light weight and length is perfect. For travel it squashes up into a tiny ball so you can take it anywhere and be ready for a cold snap.

Lovely to support local business too J Caro Women’s long with removeable hood in sage.”


“I love my jackets!

The long one worked so well this cold wet winter. I love it because it is warm enough for our climate, but not too hot. I wore it during the snowy coldness in winter and was always nice and cozy. The fabric is soft and slightly water repellent, which also worked for our Cape Town winter. I did not have the opportunity yet to test them in a European winter.

Corieda, Women’s long reversible + short with a hood.

“I bought a Long Jacket (you are welcome to change this to the correct name) 2 years ago and just love it. It is light, it is not bulky and it is really warm. I enjoyed this so much that I bought a sleeveless jacket which is just as great. I highly recommend Afromontane because not only are they the best winter jackets that I have had, but also because they are made with care and respect for the environment. You will not regret this purchase – I speak from experience because I have referred others who love theirs too.”

Eugenie, Women’s long jacket + Women’s sleeveless.

“We still have our Afromontane jackets five years later. They are in perfect condition and look as good as the day we bought them. I have received numerous compliments when I wear mine. People love the cut which is so stylish. On three occasions I have been asked in stores where I sourced them. The wonderful thing is that they can be used in all seasons. Thank you for a great jacket and I have no doubt I will be wearing mine for many years to come.”

Donnell , Women’s long jacket

I bought my Afromontane jacket from the inspiring Sandra 5 years ago and it is still in TIP TOP condition. I have washed it (on a cold machine wash) many times, and it is still as good as new.

I bought it to wear to visit Norway (in their autumn) and it was literally all I needed. Most days I wore jeans and a cotton shirt and my Afromontane jacket! It was perfect. So warm, so comfy. And so flattering too – I love how it goes in at the waist and I don’t look like a Michelin man in it!

What’s incredible about it, is that even if you put it on, on a warmer day, you don’t over-heat. It adjusts to your body temperature, and to the outside temperature.

I would recommend these jackets to everyone.


“I purchased the classical long puff jacket with hood for a trip to Sweden in 2018.

Afromontane rushed the delivery for me which was truly appreciated.

The fit is flattering, the length perfect and best of all it’s light so doesn’t take up much space in your luggage.

Perfect for traveling between climates, on planes, in trains and taxis.

I couldn’t believe that a jacket that could keep out the wet and cold (-10 degrees in snowy Stockholm) could function so well in South African winters.

It has become my go to jacket and cozy traveling companion – I love it!”


“I bought my first Afromontane jacket in 2015 and it is still in great condition. I chose the grey, full length one. It suits any colour of clothes and shoes. I love the design, the material, and the warmth! It feels super comfy. I highly recommend investing in a jacket, it lasts long and looks good on anyone!”

Winnie , Women’s long jacket

“I love my Afromontane coats. They are so warm and cosy yet also incredibly light and easy to wear. At the same time, they also feel really stylish and they keep me warm without making me look bulky or frumpy!”

Roxanne , Women’s long jacket, Women’s lite jacket.